Is controlling blood sugar a problem for you?

Imagine not having to worry about what  to make for dinner and easily keep control of your blood sugars… it is really possible – you can do this too!

Are you asking yourself how am I going to live with this disease every day?  Do you wonder why the solution that your doctor or dietitian gave you just doesn’t seem realistic? –controlling blood sugar?

We understand how you feel.  We know you don’t have time to plan out 21 meals a week, and weigh and measure every single food item that you eat.  You really need a solution not another problem.  You need something that fits the way that you do things.

You no longer have to feel like no one’s been listening…controlling blood sugar

You need a solution that will provide you with a way to know how much to eat every day to control your diabetes without a lot of time planning.  Your time is valuable but you know you need to manage your diabetes, so you want to find an easy way to put together food items and know that it will work.

You can do this, it’s easy and it’s the right way because it takes the “thinking” out and lets you build the meals you want without a lot of work.

controlling blood sugarYou need advice and guidance from someone who knows how to manage diabetes in the real world.  Like you, we were sick and tired of all the so-called medical professional jargon and medical instructions that seem to be more confusion than helpful.  We wanted to give you back the control of your life, health, and diet.  We were looking for a solution that provided a type of diet that was easy to cope with on a day-to-day basis but didn’t require any specialized trips to the store, special foods or lots of work.  We couldn’t find it so we created it.

Clearly not everyone suffers from the same type of diabetes and we have provided several different options for you to choose from.  Our website also offers meal plans for other types of diets, and if you don’t fit into a diabetic diet need, click on the button below related to the type of diet that describes your situation…controlling blood sugar

Choose a link below if you don’t need a diabetic meal plan – we provide other meal plans for specialized diets that are just as great!

[Gestational Diabetes] If you’re pregnant and have gestational diabetes learn more here.

[Cardiac Diet] If you are having heart problems, or need a low sodium or low cholesterol diet, learn more here.

[Renal Diabetic Diet] If you need a diet that is made for someone who is having kidney problems, is diabetic, and needs a lower sodium diet, click here to go to our renal diabetic information.

[Renal Diet – pre-dialysis] Kidney Failure Meal Plan [opens at our renal diet headquarters site]

[Renal Diet – dialysis] Kidney Dialysis Meal Plan [opens at our renal diet headquarters website]

We know that you’re interested in finding out more about how to have a healthy diet, and that you really want to be successful in managing your diabetes.  There is no such thing as a generic healthy diet, because what’s best for you is based on your condition.  We all have our own specific needs and we have made some tailored meal plans to help you get started in the right direction.  The big secret that they didn’t tell you, is that all the general information in the world won’t matter until you can make it work for the way that you live.  Maybe they told you about carbohydrate and protein and fat, and they may have even told you how much of each to eat.  But how does that work every day for what you need to do?  To manage your illness, you need a professionally designed meal plan that tells you new recipes every week, tells you how to make it work in your diet, and gives you a grocery list to go to the store with – so you don’t get bored and yet you can work it the way that you want.  You are going to love how our system of patterns allows you to just add things together to make your breakfast, lunch and snacks.

It is this simple, most of the time you cook dinner meals but grab breakfast, lunch and snacks on the run.  No matter your condition, we have the ultimate solution just for you.  Breakfast, lunch and snack choices via our specialized easy to use meal patterns and then complete dinner recipes with side dishes for every night of the 7-day week.

It is an easy to understand program that has 7 evening meals with recipes and nutritional information, grocery lists categorized by both the meals and the area of the grocery store, and a set of meal patterns that are simple ways to create meals that you can use to control your eating and know you are eating the right amount to stay within your calorie limit.

We categorize our meal plans and patterns by the amount of calories that you will need for the day to keep your blood sugars under control, which we calculate based on your weight.

[Now, if your doctor already told you how many calories to eat, you won’t have to calculate the amount of calories you need – just click on the calorie level you need].

So here is what you need to do –

If you weigh up to 130 pounds CLICK HERE to learn more about the 1400 calorie diabetic diet meal plan.controlling blood sugar

If you weigh 131 to 175 pounds CLICK HERE to learn more about the 1800 calorie diabetic diet meal plan.controlling blood sugar

If you weigh over 175 pounds CLICK HERE to learn more about the 2200 calorie diabetic diet meal plan.controlling blood sugar