Rules of Eating Fruit for Diabetics

It is easy to assume that following a diabetic friendly diet would be overly restrictive, and that most of the foods you enjoy are completely off limits. It is true that you have to be careful about what you eat and that there are restrictions and limitations, but you can still enjoy many of the […]

Diabetes Friendly Recipes for More Energy

More energy it’s something everyone could use. From first cup of coffee to your afternoon trip to the vending machine at work, it seems like chasing down a quick energy fix just leaves you feeling even more sluggish than before. When you are watching what you eat due to diabetes, you might find it even […]

Carb Counting for Health

A healthy diabetes friendly diet has many components. Of course, diabetics need to be careful about their sugar intake, but it is more complicated than just that. Monitoring your carbohydrate intake is just as important as watching how many sweets you eat. Good and Bad Carbohydrates There is a good side and a bad side […]

Treating Juvenile Diabetes

Diabetes is a preventable illness in the United States. Due mostly to widespread obesity, type 2 diabetes is somewhat of an epidemic. Most people know someone with type 2 diabetes, or have at least heard of it and probably know some information about the condition. Juvenile diabetes, however, is much less heard of. What is […]

Diabetic Friendly Party Foods

Birthdays, potlucks, and all sorts of get-togethers require food. And, who doesn’t love a good party? Anyone living with diabetes might find parties a bit intimidating, specifically when it comes to finding diabetic friendly  foods. You don’t want to miss out on all of the festivities, so you have to learn how to navigate the […]

The Building Blocks of a Great Breakfast

Breakfast is indeed important, and should not be skipped. Skipping meals, especially breakfast, leads to overeating later in the day and can hurt your blood sugar levels as well. After a long night of not eating, you need fiber, protein, and good carbohydrates to fill you up and get your day moving in the right […]

The Rules of Fruit with Diabetes

Diabetes, as well as many other chronic illnesses, comes with its own struggles and questions. In many cases, there is no straight answer, or no solution that works across the board. This is because every case is different, no matter how similar the symptoms of diabetes and results can vary for each individual. It is […]

Online Resources for People Managing Their Diabetes

Living with a chronic health condition such as diabetes can be a life altering and challenging experience. It can be easy to feel lost and alone when you are dealing with such struggles. It may help you to know that you are not alone, and that there are a lot of resources available to people […]

Fun Afternoon Snacks for Kids with Diabetes

The great part about being a kid is that you can have fun with just about anything. This means that even snack time can be fun and games. Thinking of snack times this way can often make it easier to feed picky eaters. Kids with diabetes  are no exception to any of this. Just like […]

Best Cooking Oils for Diabetics

Cooking without oil is certainly a difficult task, especially when you are first starting a new diet and lifestyle. Not all oils are created equal, however, and many are considered much healthier than others. These oils, when used in moderation, can actually help you increase your overall health by providing you with good nutrients and […]