Blueberries Are Yummy and Heart Healthy Too!

BlueberriesJuly is National Blueberry Month!  Blueberries are an awesome fruit and have a lot of nutritional value.  Blueberries are low in calories, handy to have around, and full of vitamin C as well as other naturally occurring compounds that make them heart healthy as well.

While a lot of research is ongoing, recently a few scientific studies have found that in hamsters and mice who are given parts of blueberries, such as the skins, have a reduced risk of hardening of the arteries, as well as lower cholesterol.  Blueberries, with their high content of vitamin C provide a natural protection and help boost your immunity status.  The high amounts of vitamin C and flavonoids in blueberries protect you from free radical damage as well.

As part of a diabetic or heart healthy diet you can eat several servings of blueberries a week and improve your health.  Fresh blueberries are best, but during the off-season adding frozen blueberries to your meals can be a very good way to get them into your diet.  Blueberries probably even contain the heart healthy components that make red wine valuable in fighting heart disease.

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