How Do Chronic Health Conditions Affect Libido

chronic conditions and sexThere are many unfortunate and uncomfortable side effects to having a chronic health condition. Whether you have renal disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, or another health issue, you are likely dealing with a list of problems that can really put a damper on your life. Some of these side effects, like vision and weight problems, are discussed often in your doctor’s office and in support groups everywhere. Not all side effects, even common ones, get discussed quite so openly, however.

Chronic health conditions can have serious effects on your sexual health and wellbeing. Unfortunately, topics regarding libido and sexual function are not openly discussed on the regular. Often this can make people who are suffering with these side effects feel self-conscious, or maybe they do not realize that sexual issues are a very common side effect of many chronic health conditions.

Are You Healthy Enough For Sex?

The first thing you need to consider when seeking solutions for your libido and sexual function issues is if you are healthy enough for sex. You might not realize the impact sex has on your body; therefore it could actually be dangerous to engage in sex at all.

You should absolutely talk to your doctor about whether or not you are healthy enough for sex, or what your parameters are for activity. Do not feel embarrassed to talk to your healthcare providers about anything, especially sex. It is, after all, a normal function and not as taboo as society can make it out to be. In your doctor’s office of all places, you should feel comfortable to discuss anything necessary to help you live a healthy lifestyle.

There are two common issues that tend to follow chronic health conditions and their effect on your sexual health: function and libido.

Sexual Function

Sexual function refers to your ability to perform sexually. Typically, this mostly concerns men and the occurrence of impotence. Your doctor may recommend medication to help with your sexual function, assuming you are healthy enough to do so.

Low Sex Drive

Your libido is another thing that can be severely affected by chronic health conditions. After all, if you are not feeling well, you are pretty unlikely to be feeling up to any activity, much less sexual activity. You may be too tired, you might not feel sexy, and you may just be unable to find any release during sex. You might just not feel like you want sex as often, if at all. This is very common with chronic health conditions, and can contribute to more serious issues such as depression.

Getting as healthy as possible is the best way to face libido and sexual function issues head on. Eating right, getting regular exercise, and visiting your doctor is how you can get on the fast track back to your old self again. When your body feels good, the rest of you is likely to follow. The idea is to fight the source of the issue. Start by talking to your doctor about sexual function and libido issues, and then follow through with a healthy lifestyle. For more information on chronic  conditions and sex, click here.

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