5 Steps You Can Take Today To Get Your Diabetes Under Control

001Having your diabetes under control is one of the most important goals you can have.  You feel out of sync and like you can’t manage well when your diabetes is not controlled.  I know you want to, and I want to show you a couple of tricks that I think really help you manage your diabetes better and show your diabetes who is boss!

1.  Challenge yourself to eat 5 fruits and vegetables a day.  Now, I know that fruit is a carbohydrate.  So are vegetables.  But, if you eat the whole fruit and whole vegetables, you will get more fiber and the fructose in fruit is not as easily absorbed.  So, your body absorbs the sugar more slowly and your insulin responds more evenly and your blood sugars don’t get super high so you have to take additional medicine.  That, and you get the added nutrients of the vitamins and minerals in whole fruits and vegetables.  So, eat your fruits and veggies – don’t be shy.

2.  Swap out refined grains (like white bread) for nutritious whole grains (like whole wheat bread).  Why, you ask, should you eat bread at all?  First of all, because most people just plain like bread.  But eating a whole wheat product makes a difference because of the fiber.  Just like the fruits and vegetables, they are absorbed more slowly and elicit a slower insulin release and not a glucose spike.  These carbohydrates do count a lot more than vegetables, but just eating more fiber will make a world of difference in your blood sugars and your health.  Honestly, eating a slice of white bread is like eating a teaspoon of sugar.  Eat whole grains.  Please.

3. A good day starts with a good breakfast!  Eat your breakfast every day – it gets your body off to the right start.  A lot of people would tell me that when they eat breakfast then they are hungrier for lunch!  That is a good thing.  You see, your body is in starvation mode overnight since you don’t feed it for 12 hours.  So, it starts shutting down processes and lowering your metabolic rate.  (Hint: Not Good)  But, if you eat when you start your day – a protein shake, a good cup of greek yogurt, fruit and whole grain breads, or some other proteins, your body starts running the furnace and keeps burning calories.  So, yes, you are hungrier but you also do need to eat.

diabetes under control4.  Think of your eating as an inverted pyramid.  In the morning when you have the entire day to be active and burn calories, you should eat the most.  Breakfast should actually be one of the biggest meals you eat.  (Yes, I am aware that goes against all the other information you have learned your entire life).  Lunch should be slightly smaller, and your evening meal should be a light meal that doesn’t overfill you for bed.  You should not be getting into bed with a stomach so full that you get acid reflux.  So, eat the most calories in the morning, and taper your eating off for the rest of the day.

5.  Become a master at reading labels.  Not just the nutrition facts labels, but all the ingredients as well.  Did you know that ingredients are listed in the order of the amount (by weight) that is in the product?  From highest to lowest?  So be sure to read and pick items with more nutritious ingredients listed first.  For example – if it says sugar or high fructose corn syrup for the first ingredient, that means that by weight, there is more sugar in that product than any other ingredient.  Wow.  Take a look at your favorite foods and evaluate the ingredients.

Overall, being healthier as a diabetic is about trying to master your plate from day to day.  Fill it up with whole grains, whole vegetables and whole fruits.  Eat a bigger meal earlier in the day, and read your labels.

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