Eating Healthy When You Have No Support

Eating healthySometimes the hardest part about changing your lifestyle for the better is dealing with the people around you. Just because they see you struggling to better yourself does not mean they automatically realize how much harder your struggle can be without their support. Feeling alone can make even the simplest changes a real challenge.
So, what are you to do when you are desperately trying to make changes for the better, when the people around you seem to have no interest? How do you keep it up when it feels like others are pulling you back? You know that you have to persevere, for your own health and well-being.

Remember Your Reasons

First and foremost, you have to remember why you are making these changes in the first place. Do something to remind yourself why eating healthy and making changes is important to you. You can write it out, or create some sort of visual display to remind yourself. Perhaps you can hang your most recent lab work or doctor workup somewhere where you can see it often, to keep you motivated.

What you eat has so much impact on your heath, especially when you are dealing with chronic health conditions. If you want to change the numbers on that lab work, if you want to change the outcome of your future health, then you have to stick to the program no matter what is going on around you.

You want to live a long and healthy life, to feel good, and to be there for your family. This is just one step on the road to living that healthier life. These are your reasons for making the changes that you have made, and you can’t let the people around you influence you different.

Make A Plea

If the people around you are not being supportive of your healthy lifestyle, keep in mind that they might not even realize how unsupportive they are being. They might not realize that eating junk food around you constantly makes your life more difficult. They might not even recognize when they are encouraging you to make poor dietary decisions.

Sometimes, in order for you to really help them understand, you have to sit people down and spell out what your issues are. Ask your family and friends to take your new lifestyle into consideration when they are around you. It certainly doesn’t mean that they have to change their lives, but they can be more understanding in your presence.

Find Outside Support

When all else fails, there is a huge network of people out in the world that are dealing with the same struggle. You can join a support group locally, or look to the web to provide a vast network of people to talk to. You will be surprised just how many people are struggling with changing their diet and lifestyle, and how many of those people also feel that they have no support.

No matter what, you have to keep up your good work with your new healthy eating and lifestyle plan. Your health is of the utmost importance. Consider also the great example you are making to the people in your life that matter most. Your children, grandchildren, friends, and family may not be very supportive right now, but the changes you make will eventually rub off on them and they will also be healthier just learning from your example. Click here for more ideas.

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