Healthy Carbohydrate Options for Diabetic Family Members

diabetic family membersCooking for family members that are diabetic or have other health issues can sometimes be a daunting task. Carbohydrates are often a touchy subject for someone with diabetes. There are healthy carbohydrates, however, that are typically okay for your diabetic family members.
The first thing you have to keep in mind when meal planning and cooking for diabetic family members is that moderation is key. Most carbohydrates are actually okay to eat, but they have to be monitored and accounted for. Overdoing it can really cause problems, so remember to include carbohydrates in moderation. It is a good idea to focus on filling your plates with lots of healthy, fresh produce and lean protein and choosing a healthy carbohydrate to accompany the meal, but not necessarily be the main attraction.

Healthy Carbohydrate Options


Beans are often considered to be nature’s perfect food. This is because they are full of lots of protein, fiber, vitamins, and lots of other health benefits. They also happen to be carbohydrates. As there a many different kinds of beans, the carbohydrate count is different for each variety. When cooking a meal with beans, you can feel comforted knowing that beans create an excellent balance with the amount of protein and fiber they contain, but they are also often high calorie so you will still want to eat them in moderation.

Whole Grains

While it is a good idea for diabetics to avoid processed pasta products and white bread, there are still versions of these foods that are actually healthy for diabetics. Whole grain pasta, breads, and rice are a tasty and hearty addition to excellent diabetic friendly meals. Also look to fiber rich, healthy alternatives such as quinoa and barley. These grains have funny names, but they are delicious and are healthy carbohydrates for diabetics.


Another of nature’s perfectly balanced foods, nuts are a food that you might not have considered to be a carbohydrate. Nuts are a starchy carbohydrate option that are perfectly balanced as they are also great sources of fiber and healthy fats. Nut are a great addition to many recipes and also make delicious snacks.


Lactose, which is found in dairy products, is actually another form of sugar. Low fat dairy products, however, like skim milk and fat free yogurts, are still healthy additions to a diabetic diet. This is great news, as dairy is a common ingredient in many meals, especially at breakfast time.

Fruits and Vegetables

Even fresh produce can count as carbohydrates, so which fruits and vegetables you fill your plate up with can count toward a diabetic’s daily tally. To cut down on carbohydrates, or to make the most of the carbohydrates you are eating, fill up on dark, leafy greens and broccoli rather than just potatoes. For fruits, berries pack the best nutritional punch for a smaller amount of calories.

These are all healthy carbohydrate options for cooking for diabetic family members. Just remember that moderation is key and you can work these healthy options into your daily meals. For more meal plans, click here!

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