Healthy Diet Menus for You Plans

Meal PlanThis is a continuation of the previous informational post related to how the Healthy Diet Menus Plan can help you.

How can it help you?

If you are a dietitian or doctor, this can really help you get your patients off to a good start and keep them on track.  Your patients can take your information on diet and amounts to eat, and print the menus to get started.  Once they have your plan, implementation this plan is so easy!  Plus, it can be a bridge for them to get their meals and lab values under control.

If you are a patient, what better way then to learn as you go? You get professional level advice and planning without the need to go into the office every day. You can keep track of what you eat,  like, and know how well you are doing.  You have the information to make wiser choices and guide yourself with portion control and delicious recipes for the process of learning.  Plus the recipes go great for all the family.

Who is it for?      Who should subscribe?

This plan is for patients with a new diagnosis or just tired of eating the same things for their health. The plan has beef, poultry, pork and vegetarian meals to meet everyone’s needs.  Don’t forget, it makes a great family meal as well, so every one can eat the same food. If your patients need help, give them the information and let them get started! We will send you some brochures to use in your office for referrals.

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