Resolutions Not to Make For the New Year

ResolutionsAs the first of the year rolls around, I am reminded of some things that we do (sometimes unknowingly) that sabotage good intentions.  So here are a couple of my ideas of what not to do for resolutions

1.    I resolve to change (insert another person’s name) and help them do X, Y and Z.

Of course, everyone knows you have to start with the man in the mirror, but undoubtedly you have thought for a moment that to change the world you have to influence or change someone else directly.  And I remind you that the best way to make the world change the way it revolves is to change yourself and you will start to influence those around you to change as well.  It’s like a dance that we do with others, and once you start changing your steps the others in your life either move with you or step out of the way (although not always quietly).  I know you want to help someone with their diet or health or exercise, but I promise you that the best way to make something stay is to have an internal motivation that will keep you moving in that direction when the going gets tough.

2.    I resolve to change my hair, eating, weight, exercise routine and read more books by the end of January.

So, you want to do all of those things – that part is fine.  But doing them all at once doesn’t let you give yourself the focus and determination to change and stick with it.  If you are trying to do 5 things and you start to fail at one (and you will if you are trying to do 5 things at once), it’s easy to just give it all up.  You can track your progress for one thing really easily and a habit takes at least 21 days to make into a practice – so do one thing, then get it working really well and start the next one.

3.    I resolve to lose 50 pounds this year.

You can lose 50 pounds this year, but you have to take it in bite size chunks!  Like, 50 pounds in 10 months is 5 pounds per month.  And 5 pounds per month is 1.25 pounds per week.  And that’s healthy and a good thing – you can eliminate your sweets and work on a different healthy habit each month and lose 5 pounds.  But if you don’t have the intermittent goals in there, it’s a really big leap from 0 to 50 pounds.

4.    I resolve to stop eating McRibs (insert your favorite food) forever.

Why?  All foods are okay, just in moderation.  Unless you have food allergy.  But, once you say, I’m never going to eat a certain item that is all you want!  So, eat a bite of it or two and be done with it.  Don’t obsess over it.  Don’t worry about the kids in other countries without enough to eat – you don’t need to eat the whole thing.

So, if you make a resolution, just make one and make it work for you – not other people.  Track your progress and you will do great!

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