Ten Snacks for Spring for Diabetics

Diabetic friendly snacksSpringtime is the return of warmth, sunshine, and bright colors. Brightly colored fruits and vegetables, and picnic inspired foods are what people crave during the spring. Bright colors bring bright flavors, and freshness of spring is present in every bite. Diabetic friendly snacks shine during the springtime with the abundance of fresh produce.

Here are ten springtime diabetic friendly snacks:

1.    Smoothies — Springtime is the return of sweet smoothies. Try a diabetic friendly smoothie recipe: In a blender, combine 1 cup of frozen berries with 3 ounces of nonfat plain yogurt and ½ cup of vanilla almond milk.

2.    Grilled Asparagus — Asparagus is a springtime favorite and is super easy to cook. Simply squeeze lemon wedges over your asparagus and grill for a minute or two on each side, and enjoy. Grilled asparagus is delicious right off the grill, but is also amazing cold. Grill ahead of time for on the go snacks and packed lunches.

3.    Simple Guacamole — Avocados are a springtime delicacy, and are great for diabetics because they are high in heart healthy monosaturated fats. To make some simple guacamole, just mash a ripe avocado with some fresh chopped cilantro, lime juice, and then stir in some fresh diced tomato. Enjoy with tortilla chips or carrot chips for an extra healthy snack.

4.    Baby Carrots — Carrots are abundant in the springtime, and there’s nothing quite like the satisfying crunch of sweet baby carrots. Even better, they are practically a free food so you can have them whenever the munchies hit you.

5.    Spinach Salad — Another abundant springtime produce find is spinach. This dark, leafy green is versatile enough to eat raw or cooked and goes with just about anything. Try an amazing spinach salad by topping your greens with sliced strawberries, almond slivers, and a balsamic vinaigrette dressing.

6.    Almonds — Almonds and other nuts are a great healthy snack for maintaining blood glucose levels and boosting energy throughout the day.

7.    Hummus — Hummus is an easy and delicious snack that can be eaten with pita crackers or your choice of fresh veggies.

8.    Non-fat Greek Yogurt Parfait — For a sweet treat that won’t hurt your blood sugar, try a simple Greek yogurt parfait. Simply layer plain nonfat Greek yogurt with naturally sweet berries and some granola.

9.    Bean Salad — Beans are an excellent addition to any diabetic diet as they are full of soluble fiber that helps to regulate blood sugar levels. For a delicious bean salad, drain and rinse cans of your favorite beans such as garbanzo beans, black beans, red kidney beans, pinto beans, navy beans and black eyed peas). Mix together and pour on some light Italian dressing and soak overnight.

10.    Strawberries and Cottage Cheese  — It might sound like a strange combination, but the balance of sweet and savory for this diabetic friendly snack is delicious. Just make sure you are watching your serving sizes, because this snack can be addictive.

These are delicious diabetic friendly snacks that are perfect for the spring weather, and make use of all the bright and delicious spring produce.

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