Using Specially Made “Free” Labeled Foods Is Not Always The Best Idea

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Mentos sugar free (a no sugar mentos) manufactured by Perfetti Van Melle
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I am going to rant a bit about the “free” foods that you and I see everywhere.

The abundance of these types of food is what is partially responsible for our current epidemic of obesity.  Yes, I know that you and I eating these foods is really what causes the problem, but the perception is that they are okay because they are labeled as sugar free or fat free.

Fat free does not equal calorie free, nor does it equal less calories than a regular product.  Sometimes it means more calories.  They are basically replacing the taste and flavor of fat with – get this – sugar and sugary substances.  So, they are not usually lower in calories.  And you as a diabetic should be paying attention to the total carbohydrate FIRST and the total calories second.  If you ask me, you should avoid the fat free products mainly because they are not going to benefit you.  Most of the time they will encourage you to eat too much because you think that they are lower in calories but you didn’t read the label.

Another product that I would encourage you to eat if you can manage it and feel okay about artificial sweeteners, is sugar free foods in moderation.  Although, a lot of the sugar free foods are using sugar alcohols to replace the sugar – as a diabetic that can be a problem.  If you eat too much sugar alcohol, it may give you diarrhea.  So, don’t overeat these products.  But items like sugar free jello and pudding make a great snack.  If used in moderation.

You see, all of these things still contain carbohydrate and that is what affects your blood sugar.  And I am a big believer of not doing a lot of unnatural type foods – foods that have been altered to change the components.  If you really want a cookie, find out how much cookie you can eat, and eat it.  But don’t try to eat 3 cookies just because they are fat free.  Eat the real thing, savor it, taste it fully, and then move on to the regular healthy food that you are eating every day anyway.

Yep, I know that you can eat better and include these foods without over doing it!  Learn more about diabetes and diabetic diets on our website by clicking here.

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