Kidney Disease Diabetes

Kidney Disease DiabetesKidney Disease Diabetes

You probably have been searching for months, even some of you, years!  As you look to develop a plan for dealing with both diabetes and kidney disease, I want you to consider controlling blood sugar and continued kidney damage with your diet and nutrition.  I know that most of you think that you are doing the best you can but there is a reason you are here searching for more information. It must be that you think you can do better at eating and managing your kidney disease diabetes.

Kidney Disease Diabetes-Why?

Uncontrolled kidney disease will lead to dialysis and much more work on your part and diabetes will lead to more kidney disease and a feeling of sickness and lethargic behavior.  These two diseases go hand when it comes to managing with diet and exercise.  The additional controls that pre-dialysis requires are potassium, phosphorus and sodium. As you try to manage your blood sugars you might find it difficult to locate foods that are low in potassium and phosphorus as they are not listed on labels and restaurants are not required to disclose this information.  Sodium is readily disclosed and is very important.

Kidney Disease Diabetes-How?

Sodium can be controlled by watching your intakes with label information.  Carbohydrates and sugars can be controlled with label reading and nutritionals as well.  Potassium and phosphorus will be located by getting my list for potassium and phosphorus, get it free if you sign up for my email  updates on RENAL DIET HQ CLICK HERE!  If you want to get more information on eating out on renal diabetes then you need to get my module on this subject with the meal plan membership or buy my book on Amazon on Eating Out!

Kidney Disease Diabetes-Best Result

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kidney disease diabetes



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