Holiday Treats That Wont Aggravate Your Diabetes

holiday treats for diabetesThe holidays are a wonderful time of friends, family togetherness, giving, and food. Wonderful indeed, but all of those sweets, snacks, and rich foods can be really terrible if you are diabetic. While you might not be able to eat everything in sight, there are still plenty of foods that you can eat, however. If you choose the right holiday treats for diabetes, remember that moderation is the name of the game, you can enjoy all that the holidays have to offer without aggravating your diabetes.

Sugar-Free Sweets

There are a lot of easy to make as well as store bought sugar free holiday treats available to you. Cookies, cakes, candies, and more can all be made with sugar substitutes like Splenda. After all, what’s a holiday without pie? A simple online search will lead you to more sugar-free diabetes friendly recipes for holiday treats than you could imagine. Not to mention that there are a lot of store bought versions available, although homemade is always healthier. Just remember that these artificial sweeteners can still affect your blood sugar, so make sure to enjoy everything in moderation.

Sweet Substitutions

There are also a lot of options available for sugar-free sweet treats that don’t use artificial sweeteners. These tantalizing treats use sweet, natural substitutions so you can get all of the sweetness without so much of the trouble that artificial sweeteners can cause you.

Applesauce, prunes, and dates are some of the most popular sweet and natural sugar substitutes out there. They can be used in cooking, baking, and even raw recipes. They are so effective that you may never notice a difference except that they add an entirely new depth of flavor that can make your favorite treats even more delicious.

Plant Based Prizes

You would be surprised to know how many delicious treats can be made simply using only fruits and vegetables. Plant based holiday treats are not only enjoyable, but they can help keep your blood sugar under control. Sweet or savory, there are simple, delicious, and healthy options available that are perfect for diabetic friendly holiday treats.

Low Glycemic Goodies

If you haven’t already heard of it, the glycemic index is how we measure how certain foods raise blood sugar levels. Low glycemic foods are shown to be better for everyone’s health, but especially diabetics. This is because low glycemic foods are less likely to raise blood sugar levels and help to maintain levels over time.

If you are looking to eat treats, especially over the holidays, look for treats that would be considered to have a low glycemic index. Some examples of low glycemic sweeteners are agave, stevia, and coconut sugar.

Overall, if you are careful about what you make and consume, you can still enjoy all of the treats the holidays have to offer without aggravating your diabetes. Your best bet is to make all of your holiday treats with the healthiest ingredients and diabetic-friendly substitutions so you do not feel tempted to eat otherwise. These treats will be much healthier as well as delicious, so your family and guests will enjoy them too.

Holiday treats are hard on everyone, but with diabetes it can feel impossible, it’s not.  Click here for other diabetic tips.

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