How Does Oatmeal Fit In A CCD Diet?

In celebration of National Oatmeal Month, I’m doing several posts about how oatmeal works in your diet.

In a carbohydrate controlled diet, all foods can fit, it is more a matter of portion control so your amount of carbohydrate is not too great.

Here is a short video I found that explains the differences in types of oatmeal.

My favorite oatmeal is actually steel cut oats, but they take a while to cook.  Unless you actually make them the night before in a slow cooker.  Then you can make up a good amount and then store them for the next couple of days.  Here is a good informational article about how to make steel cut oats without cooking at all!

Oatmeal is actually a really good choice for a CCD diet since you can eat them with a little splenda or other sweetener and add some fruit (count those carbs too!)  While the amount of carbohydrate is varied, you get a good deal of fiber in the meal and fiber helps to lower your cholesterol as well as your blood sugars.  They are even low on the glycemic index.

I personally recommend you incorporate oatmeal into your diet at least 3-4 times per week since it is so filling and keeps you healthy.

Like I said, my favorite is steel cut oats – here are a couple of them listed on Amazon to try.

Country Choice Irish Style Oats

McCann’s Irish Oatmeal

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