How Does Oatmeal Fit In A CCD Diet?

In celebration of National Oatmeal Month, I’m doing several posts about how oatmeal works in your diet. In a carbohydrate controlled diet, all foods can fit, it is more a matter of portion control so your amount of carbohydrate is not too great. Here is a short video I found that explains the differences in […]

A Carbohydrate Controlled Diet is a Valuable Part of your Diabetes Meal Plan

What is a carbohydrate controlled diet?  Is it like a low sugar diet?  Nope, it’s a more liberalized version of the diabetic diet.  And I like it, don’t get me wrong.  But I also realize it has its limitations. When you are thinking about a carbohydrate controlled diet, you are probably thinking about how you […]

What is a Diabetic or CCD Diet?

A complicated term deserves a simple explanation.  A CCD diet is a carbohydrate controlled diet.  Which is really a diabetic diet.  But I truly want you to think of it as a plan, instead of a temporary thing.  Because you will live with this for the rest of your life. 1.  Diabetic patients should work […]