Quick and Healthy Meals for Busy Caregivers

quick and healthy mealsCare-giving is perhaps one of the most difficult and often thankless jobs. Parents, nurses, and all types of caregivers often have some of the busiest schedules. Creating healthy meals for both yourself and your charges is not always easy, especially when you find yourself pressed for time. Luckily, there are plenty of easy, quick, and healthy meals that caregivers can fall back on as a solution to this common problem.


Everyone has heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. This is true for children, patients, and caregivers alike. Having some easy to prepare breakfast options can make starting your day so much easier for everyone involved. After all, a good start to your day could lead to a better day overall.

Oatmeal: Served hot off the stove, or prepared ahead of time and served cold, oatmeal is one of the very healthiest breakfast options available. The best part about oatmeal is how versatile it is, as you can add literally almost anything to make a bowl of oatmeal your own. Top it with some fresh berries, or drizzle with molasses to sweeten it up, or add some nuts or granola for some crunchy protein.


Lunch is often the most rushed meal of the day. Your patients need that middle of the day meal to keep them healthy and energized, and so do you. Luckily, lunch is perhaps one of the easiest meals to make in a short amount of time.

Salads: A bowl of fresh, crisp, and delicious salad almost never goes wrong; especially when you top your lettuce with some fresh chopped veggies like cucumber, onion, and peppers and sprinkle on some shredded cheese. For a bit of a twist, add some corn and black beans with a squeeze of lime juice. Remember to use dressing in moderation, or opt for tasty vinaigrette for a healthier version.


The end of a long day requires a special meal, and one that will keep stomachs full and happy until the next meal. Many people, possibly including your charges or even yourself, consider dinner time to be the meal for comforting foods. People that are short on time often benefit greatly from meals that you can make ahead and reheat.

Soups and Casseroles: Soups and casseroles are the absolute best for feeding hungry people that need healthy meals in a pinch. They can be made ahead of time and reheated when it is time to eat, which saves you time and stress. Hearty vegetable soup with lots of chunky vegetables is always delicious and warms the soul. Healthy casseroles, such as tuna casserole made with whole wheat noodles, tuna, and peas, fill you up and leave you satisfied.


In between those quick and healthy meals, don’t forget to include some snacks. Both you and your charges are going to need some extra energy to get you through to the next meal, especially with your busy schedule. Fill up on fresh fruit, cheese and wheat crackers, or veggies and hummus in between meals to keep everyone happy and well fed.

Quick and healthy meals are easiest when you think ahead and plan thoroughly. As a caregiver, you are always one step ahead. So keeping yourself and your charges fed should be no problem. For other caregiver answers click here.

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