Diabetic Snacks—Diabetics Need Good Snacks Too!

diabetic snacksGood healthy snack foods are a big part of the diabetic diet plan whether you have type 1, type 2 or gestational diabetes. Keeping your metabolism on an even level throughout the day will keep the glucose or sugar levels in the blood steady. Everyone should eat three main meals and two or three snacks. On any kind of diabetic eating plan the calories are important and any foods consumed should be within the guidelines of acceptable foods for diabetics.

Pregnant women who have Gestational Diabetes have even a greater need to keep their metabolism constant and probably have more hunger cravings now that they are with child. Healthy snack choices will keep the blood sugar levels even and keep the mother-to-be feeling satisfied throughout the course of the day.

Gestational Diabetic Snacks are best when they contain vitamin C, vitamin A and are rich in iron. High fiber foods are always a plus as they do provide that full feeling. Just like any diabetic foods they do need to be low in fat, low in sodium and low in calories. Snacks should be around 100 calories not to exceed 200 calories.

Satisfying the sweet tooth:

The best way to satisfy the sweet tooth is to eat a piece of fruit for a snack. Fresh fruit is sweet, refreshing and most are full of vitamins and even antioxidants. Baked sweet treats like muffins, cookies, and pastries can make an acceptable snack on occasion but they need to be homemade so that the ingredients can be kept low in fat, low in salt and made with sugar substitute.   Flour should be whole wheat instead of white and instead of using butter, a spread containing Mono or Poly unsaturated fats is the best choice. When it comes to ice cream be sure to read the labels carefully. Most packaged ice cream is loaded with sugar and fat but there are some very delicious and safe choices. For instance, products like Breyer’s Carb Smart, Healthy Choice fudge bars and Klondike Slim a Bear 100 calorie fudge bars or French vanilla bars are great choices.

High fiber filling snacks:

Nuts are wonderful snacks that are full of fiber and protein and healthy fat. However, even though they are high in calories because of the fat it is the good kind of fat that the body needs. Limit the portions to one ounce and one serving five times a week. Be sure to drink lots of water when eating high fiber snacks. The body needs water and adding high fiber foods makes it even more important to balance them with plenty of water. If constipation becomes a problem, snacking on nuts will help keep the colon clean.

Chips and other crunchy snacks:

Almost everyone loves crunchy foods like chips, pretzels and crackers. Avoiding trans-fats are important so baked products rather than fried is the better choice here. Keep the calories to 100 per serving and look for low sodium or sea salt. Women who are pregnant have a tendency to get strong cravings and if it happens to be for chips done the traditional way cooked in oil there are healthier choices to choose. There are chips and crisps that do not contain trans-fats. Look for the words on the label “Expeller Pressed Oils”. Look for words like baked, whole grain, soy, sea salt or organic on the labels.

Homemade snacks:

Keeping portion size in consideration, make a tuna salad with water packed tuna, a tablespoon of mayonnaise, Mrs. Dash table flavoring, minced onion and some minced pickle to taste. Stuff the tuna in celery sticks and enjoy. This is very refreshing and very filling. This can be a snack or a light lunch. A small bowl of homemade soup is also a great snack filled with great nutrition.


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