Have You Started To Feel Like You are on Trial?

trIalI felt that way yesterday, and it made for a day of reflection about priorities and prejudices.

Yesterday, I was called for jury duty.  If you don’t know what that is, here is a reference.  In our lifetimes, we have a lot of choices and experiences, and a lot of those shape the way that we think.  I was reminded of that yesterday as I sat patiently waiting to see if I was going to be called to sit in a chair and be questioned about my previous actions and behaviors.  You know the drill, something about past behaviors predicting future actions.  Meaning the attorneys were trying to figure out how I would vote if I was put on a jury.

The point of what I’m trying to say is that you and I and our everyday lives choose to prioritize certain things because of our experiences.  When you’re single and young, you may have no need to cook a meal at home or to eat healthy but as you have more things happen to your health and you get older and your life becomes more sedentary and you in general slowdown because of life’s priorities changing, you may feel the need to change your behavior.  It doesn’t mean that we did before was wrong.  It just means that your priorities changed.

First of all, once you learn you have a life-changing disease such as diabetes or heart disease, every bite of food that you put in your mouth comes into question.  Maybe just yesterday, eating ice cream before bed was not a problem and today, you have to stop eating it altogether ?!?  Not exactly, but kind of.  You do have to start thinking about calories differently.

Like where they come from, and how much is a portion.  Crazy stuff like that.  But even worse is the fact that almost feels like a judgment on you and your behavior.  Because you wouldn’t have gotten sick or diagnosed with diabetes or heart disease if you had behaved [or so you think].  But I disagree.  Anyway, it just made me think about how the choices we make our entire life are a culmination each and every day that lead us down a path to either health or illness.

I hope most of your choices are leading you towards health.

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