Top 3 Ways To Make Health Your New Year’s Resolution

habitIt’s January, and we all see it as a time to start anew.  Forget how we did last year, we are going to do it right this year.  No matter what.

I see that happen in my own life as well.  It’s like we turn the page and it’s a brand new life.  I can stop chiding myself for the lack of exercise or bad eating habits, and I can start writing on a fresh page.

It doesn’t last long, and our old habits are, well, HABIT for a reason.  Because we do them without thinking.  So, I have some ideas for both of us that we can use to start making our health the right choice this year.

1.  Choose something small to change.

This might seem easy, and it is, but for a reason.  I know that if you overdo it and you pull something or you miss all the food you have to give up, then it’s just miserable and is a first class recipe to fall right back off the wagon.

So, start with something so small that you won’t mind doing it and it doesn’t seem like too much.  For me, that is walking 30 minutes every day.  Not 5 days a week, EVERY day.  I didn’t say I would walk fast or up hill or even pump my arms.  I will walk every day.  And I started that in December and only missed one day.  Other thoughts for you – eat a vegetable every day or drink extra water every day.

Then you add to it – so next, I will walk 45 minutes every day OR I will increase my speed.

2.  Make a list of the things to do for the year and tackle it one by one.

Like what I said at the end of the previous paragraph, you can add to it.  Know what you are going to do so you aren’t stuck.  If you are going to do 10 situps every day for your New Year’s Resolution, next month do 20.  Or add pushups, or something else.  But when you add them on one by one, you are getting somewhere and you don’t even realize.

3.  Keep track to stay on track.

Write it down.  Make notes of how much exercise you have done or remind yourself to do it.  I use and have it set up as a task everyday that I would do.  I get a reminder everyday from them with my task list for the day (I use it for work related items as well).  So, I have to mark it as complete and I am only lying to myself if I don’t do it, so it’s easy to remember.

I want you to be successful and achieve your goals this year.  Even if it’s a simple goal like mine to walk for 30 minutes every day.  I will be much healthier by doing that than if I didn’t.  And it’s already changing my outlook – I see myself making different choices because of it – like how much water I drink, walking up 2 flights of stairs instead of taking the elevator.  Happy New Year, and let’s make it a great one together.

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