What do whole grains do for a type 2 diabetes diet?

type 2 diabetes dietToday I read about how ConAgra is applying to the FDA to use a claim on their whole grain foods.  

I read about it here: https://www.foodnavigator-usa.com/Regulation/ConAgra-to-FDA-There-is-ample-evidence-to-support-qualified-health-claim-on-whole-grains-and-type-II-diabetes

And I am in support of this type of claim, because I truly believe that if we can give people more evidence based information at the point of service (ie – on the box) then people will make better choices.

So, ample evidence suggests that people who eat whole grains have a lower incidence of type 2 diabetes.  And the 2010 Dietary Guidelines already suggest that foods that are higher in whole grains reduce the incidence of type 2 diabetes.

What does that mean for you and your type 2 diabetes diet?

Listen, you may already have type 2 diabetes, and think that this does not apply to you.  But it does because you need to eat more whole grains too.  Yes, whole grains are carbohydrate but they are a very good type of carbohydrate.

They take time for your body to process so they don’t increase your insulin as much and allow your blood sugar to rise at a slower rate.  I am sure that a large part of what makes whole grains helpful in reducing the risk of diabetes is that you don’t have the huge range in blood sugars and maintain a better daily control of the blood sugar range.

You won’t find too many bags of chocolate labeled whole grains, will you?  Whole grains are not simple sugars and starches.  They are the parts of the wheat that make it high in fiber, and rich in vitamins.  They are the parts of the wheat that we have taken out to have “refined” flour that is enriched.  You don’t have to “enrich” whole grains.

As a diabetic, I encourage you to eat more whole grains.  What will happen?  You will eat the same portion but your blood sugar will remain stable.  You will feel fuller for longer, and you will reduce the snacking.

So, am I hopeful that the FDA allows this petition to go through?  Yes, I am.  I want more people to have the information at their fingertips when they buy.  We encourage whole grains, fruits and vegetables on our diabetic diet meal plans, you can learn more here about what we offer.

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