What is a NCS (No Concentrated Sweets) Diet?

no concentrated sweets diet

NCS No Concentrated Sweets Diet, what is that?

A diet that is sometimes prescribed in a hospital by your doctor is an NCS diet.  That means, no concentrated sweets diet – or more generally – no simple sugars.

This diet provides complex carbohydrates without limitations or restrictions, and is not really a diabetic diet.  You can eat as much complex carbohydrate as you want – like whole wheat bread or multi-grain buns on this diet – just not donuts or sugary pastries.

I would recommend eating higher fiber foods regardless, but this diet really looks at sugar.

The easiest way to follow this diet is to remove the sugar off the table, don’t add extra to cooked foods, and any desserts or sweets eaten would be removed.  So, no ice cream or sherbet.  No candy bars or pies or soda.  But you can eat pasta, milk and yogurt.

I think the goal of this diet is to give a false sense of following a diabetic diet, but it in no way is valuable as a teaching tool for people to learn the true principles of a CCD diet or a carbohydrate controlled diet.

Think of it this way –

A Diabetic or CCD Diet would allow a donut or a candy bar as part of a regular planned out meal that is balanced throughout the day.  A NCS or no concentrated sweets diet would not allow sugar but would allow you to eat excessive amounts of spaghetti or pasta.

This is not going to help you control your blood sugars if all you are doing is removing a sugary product and not controlling your overall amount of carbohydrate eaten.  Maybe it helps in the short term because you eliminate huge sources of carbohydrate by not drinking sodas or eating sweets.  So you reduce your overall amount of carbohydrate eaten, which you would have done as part of a CCD diet anyway.

But did you learn anything about managing your blood sugars or what causes them to increase?

No, I don’t think so.  You probably still think that you can eat as much potatoes and corn as you like.

So, I don’t think that a NCS diet is the best choice, nor do most dietitians.  I would recommend you follow a CCD diet that allows you to have a variety of foods without limiting the types of foods you eat.  And you learn to manage your blood sugars better.

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