Five Things To Do Daily To Improve Your Diabetes Blood Sugar

If you have diabetes, improving your diabetes blood sugar levels does not come overnight. You have to engage in some daily routines in order to make sure that your blood glucose levels are kept in check. Diabetes treatment and management is all about lifestyle modifications, so it is not simply a one time, big time […]

Eating Right Is Eating The Way You Need To Eat For Diabetes

With diabetes, the food that you choose to eat is of utmost importance. When you are diagnosed with diabetes, you are expected to modify your diet based on what your body’s needs and limitations. Most people think that having diabetes prohibits them from eating sweets and other foods high in sugar. While this is true, […]

What are the Differences in Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes?

What are the Differences in Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes? When we think of a diabetic person, we always envision them as overweight or obese, since obesity is one of the leading causes of diabetes. However, did you know that a thin person can also be diabetic? What is prevalent in our society is […]

What do whole grains do for a type 2 diabetes diet?

Today I read about how ConAgra is applying to the FDA to use a claim on their whole grain foods.   I read about it here: And I am in support of this type of claim, because I truly believe that if we can give people more evidence based information at the point of […]

A Diabetes Meal Plan Should Include Eggs

A Diabetes Meal Plan Needs Foods Low in Carbohydrate One of the best foods that you can have in a diabetes meal plan is an egg.  Why?  I heard eggs are bad for your heart… Well, the amount of cholesterol in an egg is higher than most people should eat in one setting.  But the […]

A Type 2 Diabetes Diet And Carbohydrates

Why Do You Care About What Type of Carbohydrate You Eat on a Type 2 Diabetes Diet?   You may be wondering what it is about type 2 diabetes diet that is different from other types of diabetes?  Ultimately you are interested in blood sugar control just like every other type of diabetes diet. As […]

What is a NCS (No Concentrated Sweets) Diet?

NCS No Concentrated Sweets Diet, what is that? A diet that is sometimes prescribed in a hospital by your doctor is an NCS diet.  That means, no concentrated sweets diet – or more generally – no simple sugars. This diet provides complex carbohydrates without limitations or restrictions, and is not really a diabetic diet.  You […]

How Does Diabetes Affect My Heart?

In a person with diabetes or high blood sugar, it can be a problem to try to manage just your blood sugars, let alone the other risks and complications.  Last week, I talked about how you can prevent high blood glucose becoming diabetes through diet control even before being diagnosed with diabetes. This week, I […]

Does Impaired Glucose Tolerance Always Become Diabetes?

Recently, I read about a study* that compared people who had impaired glucose tolerance over a period of about 2.4 years to see if they developed Diabetes. This study showed that with an early intervention, utilizing a medication called Pioglitazone, a person’s risk of developing diabetes was lowered by about 72% compared to the control […]

My Plate for Diabetics

The USDA created a new meal planning tool called that talks about how the general public should plan their menu and eat a healthier diet.  The plate design includes fruits, grains, dairy, proteins and vegetables as part of the healthy diet. People who are diabetics can follow this advice with some simple changes to […]