High Blood Pressure Adjustments to Favorite Recipes

One of the first things that people think about when they are diagnosed with high blood pressure is: “What can I eat”? The answer is actually pretty simple, but can seem complicated in the beginning. You can still eat lots of things, including your favorite recipes; you just have to make the recipes healthier. Yes, […]

Delicious Mediterranean Recipes for Better Heart Health

The Mediterranean Diet is a primarily plant based way of eating that focuses on whole foods and very little dairy or red meat. The best part of this way of eating is how full of flavor the foods are. The recipes are usually very easy to follow as well, which makes sticking to a healthy […]

Understand How Diet Affects Your Cardiovascular Disease

Many people are simply tired of hearing that they need to change their diet, especially when faced with issues such as cardiovascular disease. The fact is, however, that your diet really does affect your entire body and can have a huge impact on disease and other health issues. Understanding how your diet affects cardiovascular disease […]

Tasty Vegan Menus For Healthy Family Dining

There is a large portion of the population that truly believes that eating a vegan diet means resorting to plain salads and raw carrot sticks. While many times a salad can be on the menu, there is nothing plain about them, and this could not be further from the truth. There are so many delicious and […]

Eating Well With High Blood Pressure

When you have high blood pressure, eating healthy means so much more than just keeping your waistline trim. How you feel, your health, your very life depends on a healthy diet to control your high blood pressure. Not following through with an appropriate diet plan to control high blood pressure could have devastating consequences. Luckily, […]

Meal Planning Priorities to Control Cardiovascular Disease

So much of your health comes down simply to what you eat. Proper meal planning can help you to keep better track of what you eat and ensure the healthiest choices. When building a meal plan, especially for a diet to control cardiovascular disease, there are some priorities that can help to make your plans […]

Healthy Cooking For Heart Disease

It is truly amazing how much your health is affected simply by the foods that you eat. You can, for example, actually stop the progress of many chronic diseases by eating right and following doctors’ orders. Even heart disease can potentially be reversed by following a few major recommendations from your physicians. Maintaining a healthy […]

Five Things To Do Daily To Improve Your Heart Health And Follow A Cardiac Diet

Heart attack is the number one leading cause of death in the United States. Therefore, taking care of your heart is of utmost importance. You don’t have to be one of those people who die from heart diseases and their complications. Even if you have a heart disease right now, you can still improve your […]

7 Tips for Cooking Lower Fat Recipes to Improve Your Heart Health

Let’s face it, most people love eating fatty foods. Our culture is fond of eating fried foods because they are easy to cook, and at the same time very delicious. However, these foods do not sit well with our heart and its blood vessels. Young people may think that older people are the only ones […]

Heart Healthy Chocolate Facts

Health Benefits of Chocolate Chocolate has often been miscalculated as a junk food that should be avoided at all times. That is a pity because a lot of people, especially those with sweet tooth, love eating chocolates. A lot of people consider chocolates as their comfort food, especially when they are feeling a little lonely […]