7 Tips for Cooking Lower Fat Recipes to Improve Your Heart Health

Let’s face it, most people love eating fatty foods. Our culture is fond of eating fried foods because they are easy to cook, and at the same time very delicious. However, these foods do not sit well with our heart and its blood vessels. Young people may think that older people are the only ones […]

Using Specially Made “Free” Labeled Foods Is Not Always The Best Idea

I am going to rant a bit about the “free” foods that you and I see everywhere. The abundance of these types of food is what is partially responsible for our current epidemic of obesity.  Yes, I know that you and I eating these foods is really what causes the problem, but the perception is […]

Sign The Petition for CMS To Include Registered Dietitians In Obesity Treatment

That is why I think it is such a great thing that now Medicare will be covering obesity treatment.  The improvement will be immeasurable, because we will have a new sensitivity to it and understand how important a role the weight reduction will play in overall health.  Doctors will encourage people to pursue weight loss […]

Heart Healthy Menu

A good heart healthy menu may also be classified as a low fat/low cholesterol diet.  The body needs a certain amount of cholesterol to promote good health but too much of the wrong kind of cholesterol will cause damage to your heart and other organs.  Cholesterol comes from the foods you eat and it is […]