Eating As a Balancing Act

Maintaining a healthy diet with gestational diabetes can sometimes be a challenge. At first, there seem to be so many rules to follow and things to remember about what you can and cannot eat. There’s a lot of medical jargon that gets thrown around regarding blood glucose levels and exactly how much protein you’re supposed […]

Start the Day with a Healthy Breakfast

“Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.” This is a mantra that you have likely heard time and time again. However silly the saying may be, it is very true that breakfast is of extreme importance. A healthy breakfast starts your day the right way, giving you energy to sustain you until your […]

I Have Diabetes, What Should I Eat?

What to eat with diabetes? One of the main concerns of newly-diagnosed diabetics is what to eat with diabetes. It is easy enough to say that diabetics should consume a diet that is low in sugar, but the exact foods to be eaten are still a blur for them. In general, a diabetic can eat […]

Five Things To Do Daily To Improve Your Heart Health And Follow A Cardiac Diet

Heart attack is the number one leading cause of death in the United States. Therefore, taking care of your heart is of utmost importance. You don’t have to be one of those people who die from heart diseases and their complications. Even if you have a heart disease right now, you can still improve your […]

7 Tips for Cooking Lower Fat Recipes to Improve Your Heart Health

Let’s face it, most people love eating fatty foods. Our culture is fond of eating fried foods because they are easy to cook, and at the same time very delicious. However, these foods do not sit well with our heart and its blood vessels. Young people may think that older people are the only ones […]

Staying Healthy When Eating Out As A Diabetic

Most of us on a diet are so afraid of eating out, basically because of the myth that we cannot control what we eat when we eat out. Unlike preparing food at home, dining out involves eating foods that have been prepared by others, thereby we do not know how many calories can be found […]

Heart Healthy Chocolate Facts

Health Benefits of Chocolate Chocolate has often been miscalculated as a junk food that should be avoided at all times. That is a pity because a lot of people, especially those with sweet tooth, love eating chocolates. A lot of people consider chocolates as their comfort food, especially when they are feeling a little lonely […]

What to Give Your Favorite Diabetic for Special Holidays

People suffering from diabetes have to modify their whole lifestyle in order to keep their conditions stable. It is certainly not an easy task for them, especially if they have gotten used to some unhealthy habits that need to be changed in order to fit their new lifestyle. You can help your diabetic friend or […]

Have You Heard That Eating More Dairy Is Going To Help You Lose Weight?

I have heard over and over that people who eat more dairy weigh less, haven’t you?  Some research showed that people who consumed more servings of dairy were closer to their “optimum” BMI number.  Well, now more research is showing that may not be the case.  The study, in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, […]

Oatmeal Is Good For Your Heart

Oatmeal is almost a perfect food, because it has fiber and a good amount of nutrients in the vitamin and mineral category and it makes your heart healthier just by eating it. Oatmeal has soluble fiber – about 6 gm of fiber in 1 1/2 cups of cooked oatmeal (3/4 cup uncooked).  Soluble fiber lowers […]