High Blood Pressure Explained

More than likely, you have heard plenty of warnings about the dangers of high blood pressure. You hear all the time that it is important to watch your blood pressure, lower your blood pressure, eat a heart healthy diet, and to get some exercise. What you rarely hear is high blood pressure explained, or how […]

High Blood Pressure Snacks

Snacking is an important part of any healthy diet. Snacks help keep your blood sugars stabilized, keep you full and satisfied between meals, and help keep your energy levels up. The trick is sticking to healthy snacks instead of the salty and sweet treats from vending machines. Hypertension, or high blood pressure, can have a […]

Vegetarian Diet for High Blood Pressure

Living with chronic health conditions can often result in major changes to your diet and lifestyle. These changes are usually for the better; however, as your diet can often affect your condition as much as the medications you take. Finding the right diet for you will require collaboration with your doctors and nutritionists, as every […]

Navigating a Barbecue with High Blood Pressure

Living with certain health conditions, such as high blood pressure, can make navigating certain situations a little more difficult than usual. Family outings and get-togethers, for example barbecues, can become rather nerve racking. How do you navigate a barbecue when you are following a restrictive diet for high blood pressure? Luckily, you can still eat […]

How Diet and Exercise Affect High Blood Pressure

After being diagnosed with high blood pressure, there are two things that your doctor will mention, other than possible medication. These two things are diet and exercise. Diet and exercise are pretty typical factors when it comes to many health conditions, and for good reason. Both of these factors make a huge impact on your […]

Wrap It Up: Great Lunches to Go For High Blood Pressure

People that need to stick to certain diets, especially due to health conditions, often find that lunch can be the hardest meal of the day. Busy, working people everywhere often struggle with finding something quick and healthy to eat for lunch. Usually this is because they are just too busy, are unprepared, or simply do […]

How High Blood Pressure Affects Meal Planning

Living with health conditions such as high blood pressure can affect so many aspects of your life. It can affect your ability to engage in activities as well as severely affect the way you feel on a daily basis. It can also seriously affect the foods that you should eat, as your diet is often […]

High Blood Pressure Adjustments to Favorite Recipes

One of the first things that people think about when they are diagnosed with high blood pressure is: “What can I eat”? The answer is actually pretty simple, but can seem complicated in the beginning. You can still eat lots of things, including your favorite recipes; you just have to make the recipes healthier. Yes, […]

Battle High Blood Pressure with Delicious Meals

Eating well with high blood pressure is important to your overall health. However, just because you have to battle high blood pressure and have to eat a healthier diet to maintain it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your meals. In fact, as you focus more on your meal planning and healthy cooking, you might find […]

Eating Well With High Blood Pressure

When you have high blood pressure, eating healthy means so much more than just keeping your waistline trim. How you feel, your health, your very life depends on a healthy diet to control your high blood pressure. Not following through with an appropriate diet plan to control high blood pressure could have devastating consequences. Luckily, […]