Holiday Treats That Wont Aggravate Your Diabetes

The holidays are a wonderful time of friends, family togetherness, giving, and food. Wonderful indeed, but all of those sweets, snacks, and rich foods can be really terrible if you are diabetic. While you might not be able to eat everything in sight, there are still plenty of foods that you can eat, however. If […]

Smart Protein Choices for Athletes with Diabetes

Diabetes can be a difficult disease to live with, no matter your age or condition. Many people seem to believe that the only people with diabetes are older, sick, or unhealthy. But the fact is that people from all walks of life live with diabetes, even athletes. Athletes often have completely different dietary needs than […]

Tasty Vegan Menus For Healthy Family Dining

There is a large portion of the population that truly believes that eating a vegan diet means resorting to plain salads and raw carrot sticks. While many times a salad can be on the menu, there is nothing plain about them, and this could not be further from the truth. There are so many delicious and […]

Ten Healthy Lunches for Children with Diabetes

Feeding children in just about any situation can be tricky. Kids are notorious for being picky. If your child has diabetes, that pickiness can start to make meal times even more difficult. Especially in the middle of the day, when your child needs a good meal to fill them up and keep them energized for […]

Controlling Your Calories on a Diabetic Diet

For just about any diet plan, there is an aspect of calorie counting. Calories are tiny units of energy that are meant to be used by your body as fuel. Too few calories and your body does not have enough fuel to function properly, too many calories and you have excess, which is often stored […]

1800 Calorie Meal Plan for Vegan Diabetic

For a vegan diet, it is important to incorporate enough fiber, vitamins, and protein to keep you full and energized. For a vegan diabetic, a diet plan requires even more attention to detail to keep blood glucose levels where they should be. Here are some ideas for an 1800 calorie a day vegan diabetic meal […]

Ten Snacks for Spring for Diabetics

Springtime is the return of warmth, sunshine, and bright colors. Brightly colored fruits and vegetables, and picnic inspired foods are what people crave during the spring. Bright colors bring bright flavors, and freshness of spring is present in every bite. Diabetic friendly snacks shine during the springtime with the abundance of fresh produce. Here are […]

Cholesterol Guidelines

Watching your cholesterol is perhaps one of the most important factors in protecting yourself against cardiovascular disease. Getting your cholesterol levels checked regularly and following an appropriate diet and medication schedule is a crucial step for a healthy lifestyle.   Typically, it is recommended that all adults have their cholesterol levels checked once every five […]

What Does HgA1c Mean?

The goal of diabetes treatment is to make sure that the glucose levels in the blood remain within normal range. Therefore, checking one’s blood glucose levels before and after meals is important in the management of diabetes. However, even frequent home testing of blood glucose levels may not be entirely accurate since this these levels […]

The Facts About LDL Cholesterol

LDL Cholesterol is often referred to as the “bad” cholesterol, but what else do you really know about it? What is LDL Cholesterol? Cholesterol is a waxy substance that your body produces naturally. Your body needs and makes cholesterol. There are two types of cholesterol. In your cells, cholesterol travels by attaching itself to proteins. […]