Diabetes Friendly Recipes for More Energy

More energy it’s something everyone could use. From first cup of coffee to your afternoon trip to the vending machine at work, it seems like chasing down a quick energy fix just leaves you feeling even more sluggish than before. When you are watching what you eat due to diabetes, you might find it even […]

Diabetic Diet- Top 5 Guidelines To Follow

Diabetic Diet- Top 5 Guidelines To Follow Managing diabetes can be as basic as making sure that your blood sugar level does not go beyond what is considered normal. There are many ways of making this happen but diet plays an extremely important role. A diabetic diet is an important part of the process of […]

Pre Diabetes Diet Plan- What Is Best

Pre Diabetes Diet Plan- What Is Best Pre diabetes is a metabolic condition and a growing global problem all across the world. The word pre diabetes means having blood sugar levels above normal levels but not yet in the territory of diabetes. Reclusive lifestyle, sedentary habits and fast food culture are the contributing factors to […]

Does Impaired Glucose Tolerance Always Become Diabetes?

Recently, I read about a study* that compared people who had impaired glucose tolerance over a period of about 2.4 years to see if they developed Diabetes. This study showed that with an early intervention, utilizing a medication called Pioglitazone, a person’s risk of developing diabetes was lowered by about 72% compared to the control […]

My Plate for Diabetics

The USDA created a new meal planning tool called choosemyplate.gov that talks about how the general public should plan their menu and eat a healthier diet.  The plate design includes fruits, grains, dairy, proteins and vegetables as part of the healthy diet. People who are diabetics can follow this advice with some simple changes to […]

What is the difference between a Gestational Diabetic and Type 2 Diabetic?

What is the difference between a Gestational Diabetic and Type 2 Diabetic? Get a FREE 3 day meal plan and an eBook about managing Gestational Diabetes during your pregnancy! Name: Email: Most of us are familiar with the term “Type 2 Diabetic”. There are three major types of diabetes. Type 1 Diabetes happens when the […]

Diabetic Snacks—Diabetics Need Good Snacks Too!

Good healthy snack foods are a big part of the diabetic diet plan whether you have type 1, type 2 or gestational diabetes. Keeping your metabolism on an even level throughout the day will keep the glucose or sugar levels in the blood steady. Everyone should eat three main meals and two or three snacks. […]

Menus for Diabetics Based on the Diabetes Food Pyramid

Menus for diabetics are based on something called the Diabetes Food Pyramid. The very nature of the disease called diabetes is that the body is unable to process simple sugars effectively.   The American Diabetic Association or ADA has created guidelines to follow when planning effective diabetic menus called the Diabetes Food Pyramid. Using the pyramid […]