Have You Heard That Eating More Dairy Is Going To Help You Lose Weight?

I have heard over and over that people who eat more dairy weigh less, haven’t you?  Some research showed that people who consumed more servings of dairy were closer to their “optimum” BMI number.  Well, now more research is showing that may not be the case.  The study, in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, […]

Top 3 Ways To Make Health Your New Year’s Resolution

It’s January, and we all see it as a time to start anew.  Forget how we did last year, we are going to do it right this year.  No matter what. I see that happen in my own life as well.  It’s like we turn the page and it’s a brand new life.  I can […]

More Tips On Going To A Farmer’s Market On A Diet

In this second part of the blog post series on shopping at a farmer’s market, I am going to talk about how to know what to choose and come home with foods that are healthy for you. We just talked about the first 3 lessons in the previous blog post.  They were tips that allow […]

Using Specially Made “Free” Labeled Foods Is Not Always The Best Idea

I am going to rant a bit about the “free” foods that you and I see everywhere. The abundance of these types of food is what is partially responsible for our current epidemic of obesity.  Yes, I know that you and I eating these foods is really what causes the problem, but the perception is […]

Sign The Petition for CMS To Include Registered Dietitians In Obesity Treatment

That is why I think it is such a great thing that now Medicare will be covering obesity treatment.  The improvement will be immeasurable, because we will have a new sensitivity to it and understand how important a role the weight reduction will play in overall health.  Doctors will encourage people to pursue weight loss […]

How Much Fruit Is a Serving?

Regardless of the type of diet that you are on, it’s very important to make sure that you understand the portion size of the foods that you’re eating.  With all the ways that food is super sized as far as amounts are concerned, it’s not surprising that you may be confused about how much is […]

4 Ways You Can Stick to Any Plan

Within week two of the New Year, it will be hard to deny that most of us have made a resolution and subsequently abandoned it.  You can avoid this by doing a few simple things and then you can stick to any plan. 1.    Write down your goals – everywhere. On your mirror, on your […]