High Blood Pressure Diets: Eating More Potassium is Important to Your Meals

high blood pressure dietIn a world where salt is going out of fashion, balance is the key to keeping your high blood pressure diet in check.

Too much salt can increase high blood pressure and heart problems risk for the average person.  But in a recent study, information was revealed that indicated balancing your salt and potassium intake is just as critical to your diet for high blood pressure.  That study was published in the journal Archives of Internal Medicine, and found that when people ate an equal amount of salt and potassium in their diets they were at reduced risk for dying from heart related problems like a heart attack or stroke.

Also important to know is that when people consumed a larger amount of sodium than potassium – in the range of 50% more – they had a much higher risk for dying from a heart related problem.

Previous studies have also shown a similar relationship between the balance in sodium and potassium in a cardiac diet, so this is not necessarily new information – more like additional evidence of a need to lower sodium and increase potassium intake in your diet.

What is the best way to increase potassium?  Eating more fresh and whole (unprocessed) foods such as fruit and vegetables.  Processing foods increases the amount of sodium in foods for preservatives.  The best sources of potassium are fruits and vegetables like potatoes, bananas, grapes, citrus and greens.  When you eat them as fresh products they are also low in sodium and very filling.

If you make a lot of food from scratch because you are trying to improve your health by following a diet to lower your high blood pressure then you are on the right track.

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What’s your favorite vegetable to eat that is high in potassium?

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