Meal Plans Make Diabetes Easier

meal plan for diabetesYou may wonder what the purpose of a meal plan would be in regards to diabetes?  Or maybe you know and you don’t follow one.  I am here to tell you that it’s not an optional thing, at least as far as the beginning stages of diabetes.  When you first develop diabetes, you need a meal plan.

You may wonder what a meal plan is?  Is it a generic plan that I have to eat this food and do this thing…  Nope, it’s about you and your preferences.  A meal plan is made to arrange for your day.  But you should know about how much of each type of food to eat at each meal and snack.  This will keep you on track.

A meal plan for diabetes helps you remember to eat and keeps you full.  A meal plan will help you figure out that you need a certain number of vegetables every day.  And planning for them is a huge help when you are grocery shopping or preparing your lunch for the day.  You will know what foods fit into which category and you will plan for it.

Say, for example, we are talking about non-starchy vegetables.  What are the non-starchy vegetables?  Your meal plan should give you a good idea, but here are some more – broccoli, carrots, green beans, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, tomatoes, lettuce and cucumbers.  (Not an exhaustive list).  Let’s say you need 2 servings a day and you eat it 7 days a week.  You already know that you need 14 servings of different vegetables.  Mark it down and you are ready for the week.

A meal plan for diabetes helps you keep track of portions and how certain foods affect your blood sugars.  You track your blood sugars and you know what you ate, so you can see if you have a spike or a low what foods (or combination of foods) may have caused this result.  You can plan differently next time.  Perhaps you only had white bread in the house, and you know from my rant earlier,  A Type 2 Diabetes Diet And Carbohydrates, that you need to eat whole grains.  So you eat the white bread and you see how your blood sugar rises quickly.  You see the cause and effect of your intake.  That will help you make better decisions later.

A meal plan for diabetes will encourage you to eat at about the same time every day.  This is because you know what you should be eating and you are prepared.  The plan process lets you eat before you get ravenously hungry and helps you to manage your blood sugars better.  When you eat the right foods and you eat them throughout the day instead of all at dinner or skip meals you will have a more positive result.

Wondering where you can get a meal plan?  We have them available as part of our diabetes meal plans.  You can get a breakfast, lunch, snacks and overall pattern for the entire day depending on how many calories you need as part of the meal plan subscription we offer.  This meal plan also has a new recipe and meal setup for every day of the week at dinner.

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