Pre Diabetes Diet Plan- What Is Best

Pre Diabetes Diet Plan- What Is Best Pre diabetes is a metabolic condition and a growing global problem all across the world. The word pre diabetes means having blood sugar levels above normal levels but not yet in the territory of diabetes. Reclusive lifestyle, sedentary habits and fast food culture are the contributing factors to […]

What Can I Eat on a CCD (Carbohydrate-Controlled Diet)?

What Can I Eat on a CCD (Carbohydrate-Controlled Diet)? A carbohydrate-controlled (CCD) diet is defined as a meal that contains carbohydrate-rich foods in equal amounts. This means that the amount of carbohydrates that you eat during breakfast is the same as the amount of carbohydrates you eat during lunch and dinner. This consistency allows for […]

Meal Plans Make Diabetes Easier

You may wonder what the purpose of a meal plan would be in regards to diabetes?  Or maybe you know and you don’t follow one.  I am here to tell you that it’s not an optional thing, at least as far as the beginning stages of diabetes.  When you first develop diabetes, you need a […]

A Diabetes Meal Plan Should Include Eggs

A Diabetes Meal Plan Needs Foods Low in Carbohydrate One of the best foods that you can have in a diabetes meal plan is an egg.  Why?  I heard eggs are bad for your heart… Well, the amount of cholesterol in an egg is higher than most people should eat in one setting.  But the […]

What is a NCS (No Concentrated Sweets) Diet?

NCS No Concentrated Sweets Diet, what is that? A diet that is sometimes prescribed in a hospital by your doctor is an NCS diet.  That means, no concentrated sweets diet – or more generally – no simple sugars. This diet provides complex carbohydrates without limitations or restrictions, and is not really a diabetic diet.  You […]