The Economic Risk of Diabetes

Among the risk factors for chronic health conditions such as diabetes, there is the added risk for those who live in poverty or are otherwise low on the socio-economic totem pole. This is especially unfortunate as people who live in low socio-economic conditions are less likely to be able to get good treatment. Why Is […]

Tips for Keeping Blood Sugar Stabilized

As happy as you feel that you have a baby on the way, pregnancy itself can be pretty harsh. You are probably feeling tired, hungry, sore, and emotional. Pregnancy is enough without any added stress. Gestational diabetes adds pressure to this already sometimes difficult and uncomfortable time of your life. Keeping blood sugar stableized, for […]

Risk Factors for Heart Disease

Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States. It is estimated that one out of every four deaths is due to heart disease. There are multiple reasons that heart disease is such a problem in America, largely due to the popularity of fast foods and processed foods. As a society, Americans […]

The Good and Bad Side of Cholesterol

Cholesterol issues are one of the leading health problems in the United States. This is likely due to the high intake of processed and fast foods, which is popular across America. There is more to cholesterol than people think, however. Most people understand that having high cholesterol is considered bad, but don’t understand where it […]

How Do Chronic Health Conditions Affect Libido

There are many unfortunate and uncomfortable side effects to having a chronic health condition. Whether you have renal disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, or another health issue, you are likely dealing with a list of problems that can really put a damper on your life. Some of these side effects, like vision and weight problems, […]

The Mental and Emotional Side of Chronic Illness

Chronic illness is not an easy thing to live with. The difficulty is not just with the constant vigilance, doctors’ appointments, and health affects however. The hardest part of living with chronic illness is often the mental and emotional impact. Just like someone who experiences a loss, a patient that receives a chronic illness diagnosis […]

Eating Healthy Is Actually Simple

There seems to be a general consensus that eating healthy is difficult, as well as unenjoyable and unaffordable. Somehow this idea has become quite prevalent, but truly nothing could be further from the truth. Eating healthy is actually very simple, affordable, and quite enjoyable. The Benefits Most people are aware of the benefits of eating […]

Treating Juvenile Diabetes

Diabetes is a preventable illness in the United States. Due mostly to widespread obesity, type 2 diabetes is somewhat of an epidemic. Most people know someone with type 2 diabetes, or have at least heard of it and probably know some information about the condition. Juvenile diabetes, however, is much less heard of. What is […]

Facts about Cholesterol

Cholesterol is one of those issues that just about everyone has to be careful about, especially in our society where eating fast food is sometimes a daily occurrence. Unfortunately, many people do not know enough about cholesterol to make smart decisions. Understanding the facts about cholesterol, different body systems, how chronic illnesses work, and how […]

Eating As a Balancing Act

Maintaining a healthy diet with gestational diabetes can sometimes be a challenge. At first, there seem to be so many rules to follow and things to remember about what you can and cannot eat. There’s a lot of medical jargon that gets thrown around regarding blood glucose levels and exactly how much protein you’re supposed […]