Top 3 Ways To Make Health Your New Year’s Resolution

It’s January, and we all see it as a time to start anew.  Forget how we did last year, we are going to do it right this year.  No matter what. I see that happen in my own life as well.  It’s like we turn the page and it’s a brand new life.  I can […]

Resolve to Take Your Life Back One Step At A Time

It’s the New Year tradition, to make some resolutions and then possibly follow them for a few days, weeks or months, then they are forgotten. But I don’t necessarily do “resolutions”, I feel like you should stop trying to make such huge changes that they are impossible to continue to do.  Your new year’s changes […]

4 Ways You Can Stick to Any Plan

Within week two of the New Year, it will be hard to deny that most of us have made a resolution and subsequently abandoned it.  You can avoid this by doing a few simple things and then you can stick to any plan. 1.    Write down your goals – everywhere. On your mirror, on your […]