Controlling Diabetes with Exercise

Diabetes is a chronic condition wherein the glucose in the blood rises to uncontrollable levels. Treatment of diabetes entails a lifelong commitment to a healthy lifestyle, and that includes proper diet, medication, and exercise. Of these three ways of managing diabetes, physical activity or exercise is often the cheapest and most convenient, since you don’t […]

Tracking Meals for Weight Management

Tracking Meals for Weight Management For effective weight loss and management, it is recommended that you track your meals. Studies show that people who track their meals daily lose twice as much weight and are better able to maintain their weight loss. Meal tracking is an effective way of keeping up with your calorie, fat, […]

Eating Right Is Eating The Way You Need To Eat For Diabetes

With diabetes, the food that you choose to eat is of utmost importance. When you are diagnosed with diabetes, you are expected to modify your diet based on what your body’s needs and limitations. Most people think that having diabetes prohibits them from eating sweets and other foods high in sugar. While this is true, […]

Staying Healthy When Eating Out As A Diabetic

Most of us on a diet are so afraid of eating out, basically because of the myth that we cannot control what we eat when we eat out. Unlike preparing food at home, dining out involves eating foods that have been prepared by others, thereby we do not know how many calories can be found […]

Hosting A Family Party For People With Diabetes

When you are a person with diabetes, it’s easy to wonder if you can go to parties and have a good time without “breaking” your diet.  You can host a party for people with diabetes!  Perhaps you would prefer to start out with a small family gathering. Think about how to be successful with a […]

A Diabetes Meal Plan Should Include Eggs

A Diabetes Meal Plan Needs Foods Low in Carbohydrate One of the best foods that you can have in a diabetes meal plan is an egg.  Why?  I heard eggs are bad for your heart… Well, the amount of cholesterol in an egg is higher than most people should eat in one setting.  But the […]