4 Ways You Can Stick to Any Plan

can stick to any planWithin week two of the New Year, it will be hard to deny that most of us have made a resolution and subsequently abandoned it.  You can avoid this by doing a few simple things and then you can stick to any plan.

1.    Write down your goals – everywhere.

On your mirror, on your book mark, on the refrigerator,  on your iPhone, and anywhere else you will see it.  Make it a positive affirmation – “I am a healthy diabetic who follows my meal plan!”  You will see that repeating the words, as if they are already true make them = already true.

2.    Share your goals with your family and friends who will help you.

Don’t listen to the NAY sayers, find the YEAH sayers – who will hold you to your promise and try to keep you out of temptation.

3.    Celebrate your small (and big) accomplishments.

When you have a good blood sugar reading for a few days – celebrate!  Call someone or go buy a new book or something you like (non-food).  When you lose the 1.25 pounds for the week, tweet about it or write it on Facebook.  You will find plenty of reinforcement from like minded folks on those networks.

4.    Measure and keep track of your results.

How else will you know how far you have come if you don’t know where you started?  When the going gets tough –like about 5 weeks in and everything seems to stagnate – you can look at overall results, instead of just what is happening right now and keep it in perspective.

Don’t be discouraged, just keep trying. Restarting is okay, no one is perfect, just try these 4 steps and you can stick to any plan.

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