Controlling Diabetes with Exercise

Diabetes is a chronic condition wherein the glucose in the blood rises to uncontrollable levels. Treatment of diabetes entails a lifelong commitment to a healthy lifestyle, and that includes proper diet, medication, and exercise. Of these three ways of managing diabetes, physical activity or exercise is often the cheapest and most convenient, since you don’t […]

Tracking Meals for Weight Management

Tracking Meals for Weight Management For effective weight loss and management, it is recommended that you track your meals. Studies show that people who track their meals daily lose twice as much weight and are better able to maintain their weight loss. Meal tracking is an effective way of keeping up with your calorie, fat, […]

What is LDL Cholesterol and How Do I Decrease It?

What is LDL Cholesterol and How Do I Decrease It? No matter what you do, you can never totally get rid of cholesterol. The liver manufactures cholesterol that the body needs, since it is important for certain body processes such as the production of hormones and the insulation of nerves. While cholesterol is not entirely […]

What are Triglycerides and How Do I Decrease Them?

Triglycerides are the main form of fat in the body. When you eat fatty foods, this is the type of fat that is deposited in different areas of your body, such as your hips and belly, for possible use later. When your body runs out of carbohydrates, triglycerides are converted into energy that can be […]

I Have Diabetes, What Should I Eat?

What to eat with diabetes? One of the main concerns of newly-diagnosed diabetics is what to eat with diabetes. It is easy enough to say that diabetics should consume a diet that is low in sugar, but the exact foods to be eaten are still a blur for them. In general, a diabetic can eat […]

Diabetic Renal Diet Meal Plan Guide

Diabetic Renal Diet Meal Plan Guide For better management of kidney disease and diabetes, it is important to follow a diabetic renal diet that fits your specific needs. Primarily, this type of diet controls the amount of phosphorus, carbohydrates, potassium and sodium that you consume daily. Your dietitian may also require you to limit your […]

Diabetic Diet- Top 5 Guidelines To Follow

Diabetic Diet- Top 5 Guidelines To Follow Managing diabetes can be as basic as making sure that your blood sugar level does not go beyond what is considered normal. There are many ways of making this happen but diet plays an extremely important role. A diabetic diet is an important part of the process of […]

Renal Diabetic Diet – Five Tips to Follow

Renal Diabetic Diet – Five Tips to Follow The right diet is essential in helping you manage diabetes and renal disease. For those who have been diagnosed with renal disorders due to diabetes, they need to consult a dietitian to learn more about the appropriate eating plan that suits their condition, a renal diabetic diet. […]

Pre Diabetes Diet Plan- What Is Best

Pre Diabetes Diet Plan- What Is Best Pre diabetes is a metabolic condition and a growing global problem all across the world. The word pre diabetes means having blood sugar levels above normal levels but not yet in the territory of diabetes. Reclusive lifestyle, sedentary habits and fast food culture are the contributing factors to […]

Five Things To Do Daily To Improve Your Diabetes Blood Sugar

If you have diabetes, improving your diabetes blood sugar levels does not come overnight. You have to engage in some daily routines in order to make sure that your blood glucose levels are kept in check. Diabetes treatment and management is all about lifestyle modifications, so it is not simply a one time, big time […]