What Can I Eat on a CCD (Carbohydrate-Controlled Diet)?

What Can I Eat on a CCD (Carbohydrate-Controlled Diet)? A carbohydrate-controlled (CCD) diet is defined as a meal that contains carbohydrate-rich foods in equal amounts. This means that the amount of carbohydrates that you eat during breakfast is the same as the amount of carbohydrates you eat during lunch and dinner. This consistency allows for […]

How Often Should a Person with Type 2 Diabetes Check Their Blood Sugars?

How Often Should a Person with Type 2 Diabetes Check Their Blood Sugars? Monitoring your blood sugar levels is important in the management of type 2 diabetes. If you know how high your blood sugar is, you will be able to take appropriate actions to reduce, maintain, or increase the glucose in your bloodstream. Now […]

What Type of Bread and Pasta Should I Eat on a Diabetes Diet?

What Type of Bread and Pasta Should I Eat on a Diabetes Diet? One of the common misconceptions in diabetes is that if you have this condition, you can never enjoy eating pasta and bread ever again. This is such a pity for those who love eating bread and pasta, since it would require such […]

Diabetes Alert Day – March 26th – Do You Know if You are at Risk for Developing Diabetes?

Diabetes mellitus is one of the most prevalent chronic conditions not just in the United States but in the world today. Simply defined, diabetes is a condition wherein blood glucose levels remain uncontrolled in the bloodstream due to the absence (type 1) or lack (type 2) of insulin produced by the pancreas. In type 2 […]

Game Day Snacks For Diabetics

Snacks for Game Day for Diabetics Game day is one of the best days to cheat on your diet. If you are a sports fan and it has been your tradition to slouch on the sofa and eat pizza, fried chicken wings, cheese and crackers, and chips and dips during game day, it is time […]

Have You Heard That Eating More Dairy Is Going To Help You Lose Weight?

I have heard over and over that people who eat more dairy weigh less, haven’t you?  Some research showed that people who consumed more servings of dairy were closer to their “optimum” BMI number.  Well, now more research is showing that may not be the case.  The study, in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, […]

Hosting A Family Party For People With Diabetes

When you are a person with diabetes, it’s easy to wonder if you can go to parties and have a good time without “breaking” your diet.  You can host a party for people with diabetes!  Perhaps you would prefer to start out with a small family gathering. Think about how to be successful with a […]

Top 3 Ways To Make Health Your New Year’s Resolution

It’s January, and we all see it as a time to start anew.  Forget how we did last year, we are going to do it right this year.  No matter what. I see that happen in my own life as well.  It’s like we turn the page and it’s a brand new life.  I can […]

What a Low Sugar Diet Can Do For Your Health

It’s great to take control over your eating and eliminating as much of the added sugars that are contained in our everyday foods.  Sugars tend to make us eat more and almost crave more of those types of foods. You can see in the video below, which is by a registered dietitian, some suggestions for […]

Why Do I Need A Diabetic Diet Meal Plan?

Today I saw a few ads on line about how you can improve your diet through not eating this or through eating a lot of a certain type of food and it makes me wonder – What type of diabetic diet meal plan really works for people? There are certainly enough prescription drugs out there […]